Friday, October 21, 2011

A huge thank-you to all who came...

Thank you all for appreciating what I love to do... you all make it so much fun .. we all hope you have a spooktacular (soory, couldn't help mysef) Halloween..
here are some of the guys from last nite.. a few are still waiting for good homes


  1. Pat , I am such a hayseed. I thought your sale was here on your blog! I just now figured out you have a website. They are wonderful.....

  2. Pat, everything is so wonderful. LOVE each of your darling creations.

    I am working on an owl at the moment..he is an ornery fello and refuses to chose a set of eyes.

    wishing you joy, doreen

  3. Thanks for another GREAT Halloween update Pat & Tom!!!!

  4. I adore your owls! Of course I love your bears too. I have a black halloween themed bear from about five years ago from you :-}
    It's nice to see a rabbit on your page!
    HUGS Lorraine