Monday, September 19, 2011

Junk Bonanza at last ......

It's been a bit crazy here for the past month or so. From vacationing in northern Minnesota, helping with Jen's big move, to getting ready for 3 shows and traveling back out to Minnesota for the Junk Bonanza this past weekend. There is just no way to shorten that 10-12 hr trip... Yup, we're tired.. Here a a few clips from our very eclectic booth .. more pics coming soon... thank you all for your emails .. We're back to blogging again.


  1. Hello Pat...I am exhibiting signs of buyer's envy...It looks like a circus of delights. Darn those lucky purchasers.
    Have making spooky fun, Jody, your jealous friend

  2. Sooo many yummy things to buy...however did you choose what was to come home???

  3. Hello again...I see I mis-spelled damn on the last apologies. Okay...I love the sign. It has my name written all over it...well, my name is not Elizabeth, but it speaks my name. Tell Tom that I am now whining.
    Have relax and put your shoes up fun, Jody

  4. Hi Pat...
    It was so wonderful to meet you at Junk Bonanza -- just made my day! Your booth was fabulous!