Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's almost time....a week from today

The time is quickly approaching for "A Gathering of Friends" in sunny Ca...

Isnt this great? Made by Leslie McCabe.. and worn by me... yum

and who can resist these little treasures... made by Jody Battaglia
so much to do before they all jump in the suitcase..

check out this little lovely... it's one of my favorites.. Leslie will be bringing her amazing jewelry.
It's truely beautiful...

I'm sure that Jody will amaze us with her new spring line.. she never fails to bring a sence of joy to these parties..
But of course, who could forget about Paul Gordon, and what he will be bringing to the table..will
try to post more pics of Pauls creativity today...
I hope that everyone is as excited about this event as I am... we are ready for the p-a-r-t-y!!
Can hardly wait!!!


  1. Pat,
    These are all so Wonderful!!!! Wish I was back in California...

  2. Hey the pewter bunny one of yours?? he is just the most adorable bunny i ever have seen....divine!
    emma x

  3. Yes, U are right, I did make that pewter bunny.. He's made from vintage blue-grey fabric...

  4. well clever he fab. Is he for sale?