Sunday, February 6, 2011

a North Carolina dog 's first winter in Michigan

Oscar is clearly not thrilled with all the whitestuff, and when the temps dipped down into the single digits, he just was freezing, so I made him this little coat. It's made of an old recycled lambswool sweater, and I think he really likes it. Because Oscar has been under so much stress, I think his coat is in a rather sparce state. What we do for our furry friends...especially our adopted ones.


  1. Pat,

    Oscar is so lucky to have you! I'm so glad this little guy found a good home.


  2. Pat,
    I love the doggy sweater you made Oscar! To me he looks like he's settling he and knows he's going to have it real good at his new home!
    Any tricks to making a doggy sweater? I would like to try and make one

  3. Poor little chilly guy...Your Love is enough to keep him warm...

  4. What a sweet dog,he must be so happy to have you,