Thursday, May 6, 2010

The lineup... I wish that I had time to lay in the sunshine... these fellas ejoyed their day in sunny Michigan. Now for who they'll be when they grow-up. That is the fun part... Drying the others will be a challange as there is rain forecasted for the weekend... oh, dear!


  1. What a beautiful sight! To see all this bears lined up, getting sun kissed.

    I never knew that you dyed them after sewed them together?

  2. yes, I do. Ann arbor to be exact... cute bear, by the way... My daugter, Kindra is a graphic designer...(see Family) on sidebar...

  3. Thanks :) That was my first bear from the first pattern I ever drafted myself.

    Ooh, I live in E. Lansing... ahhh, the great rivalry...

    ok, honestly I don't take part in that, and LOVE Ann Arbor way too much to ever care. You definitely live in the cooler city! (Someday I will live there... someday...)

    I looked at your daughter's site, it's a lot of fun! I love her work!! Does she teach in Ann Arbor? (I saw some mention of students but couldn't find a bio... I'm probably just looking in the wrong spot!)

  4. she lives way too far away.... Minneapolis